Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Founder Institute

My Founder Institute experience, was definitely a test of endurance and motivation. Previously I has spent 2 years trying to get something off the ground it wasn’t until I attended the Founder Institute that things started to change. I tried my best to prepare for this experience. I found several articles online, which helped me prepare for some of the challenges I faced. This is my turn to give back. Here are are things I learned at the Founder Institute:

  1. Nothing in the business world is gospel. I realized as an entrepreneur information, opinions and static data, its all about how you interpret information.
  2. Organize all your information/assignments using google docs
  3. Practice your pitch almost everyday
  4. Talk to (pick the brain) of every mentor if you can have the opportunity. (Meaning go to the bar)
  5. During the mentor presentation, take notes - soak up the knowledge and wisdom even if you feel it might not apply to you. Don't browse the web.
  6. Be honest with yourself and others with their ideas. Don’t censor your opinion if you think an idea is not good. Hearing a wide range of opinions on your idea is valuable

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